You’re so much more than meets the eye..

Are you struggling?

Do you feel insecure? Do you constantly feel pressure to be better, to do more, to try harder?

There’s more to you

There’s so many unique aspects that make up who you are. And your job, your looks, your money or connections are not distinguishing features. So why do we think it’s those things that other people notice first? Why do we think it’s those features that set us apart from other people?

Imagine, you’re walking in a rose garden

You find yourself looking at one particular rose. There are other roses too. Perhaps they have exactly the same colour, the same size. Their petals may look the same. Their thorns are probably all just as sharp. Perhaps they’re even growing on the same branch.

Because every rose carries its own unique energy

No other flower, no other rose has exactly the same energy. No other rose moves exactly the same way in the breeze, or grows in that particular angle to the sun.

The same goes for people

You are more than what meets the eye. You’ll find that the best conversations you have, the most precious friendships are with people who are attracted to your energy. People who may not even know about your job, your connections or where you live. They’re not drawn to your looks or your bank account. They are drawn to you. Nothing more, nothing less. Just you.



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