Use your sensitivity to turn inward when feeling overwhelmed

Have you noticed that even insignifcant physical changes always seem to bother you more when you’re already overwhelmed?

When we’re overstimulated or stressed, we need rest and recovery. Some quiet time to calm our senses and to process what we have experienced.

Hyper-alert for physical symptoms

The same goes for physical symptoms, overwhelmed HSP notice every tiny little thing in their body and are more likely to worry about it.


Attached to this, there’s the emotional loop of self-blame, self-criticism: why do I always worry so much? Why do I Google when I know I’ll only be more upset and more worried? Why do I always feel everyting? I wish I wasn’t so sensitive, why can’t I be more like my partner/friends/brother/sister and just relax?

First, Do No Harm

Stop blaming yourself for being sensitive. Do not criticise yourself for being worried.

Second, Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Realise that you can cut the loop of feeling more and more worried by directing your attention elsewhere. Ok, it may take some practise. But there’s a few things you can do.

Third, Ask Your Body

You might want to wait with this until you’re out of the complete overwhelm stage. But then, if you still find you’re distracted or a bit worried about a pain or discomfort, tune in to your body.



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