Focus or fuel?

This is how you should do it..!

As an entrepreneur you often hear that you need to have a focus. 99% of the business coaches will tell you that you must have a niche. A focus!

Been there, tried it

I’ve tried it. Several times, in all phases of my business. When I was organizing conferences for professionals in the cure and care sector, I wanted to focus solely on conferences about children/young adults. But it didn’t work. I got really frustrated.

So, I decided to abandon the idea of needing ​​a niche

And just do business the way I like it. I’m a multi-passionate person and why should I not allow myself to be that?


Trying to stick to one focus or niche constricts me, it drains my energy. I’m not a person that initiates. I’m a person that needs fuel. A ‘spark’.

What about you?

Do you find yourself getting stuck perhaps? Are you doing things the way people told you to, in business or in your private life? Do you have a focus but is work, a business or a hobby no fun anymore? Ask yourself:



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